Why do the new CAME-Optimus gimbals now use a BP-U30 battery?


Customers who own early models of our CAME-Optimus may notice that the new version of the gimbal is now powered by a standard BP-U30 battery, as opposed to the original proprietary DC18 LiPo battery.

DC18 batteries for early model Optimus gimbals (2016 - mid 2017)
BP-U30 batteries for new/current Optimus gimbals (late 2017 - 2018)

The primary reason for the change in battery style was because international shipping regulations have made the shipping of batteries both costly and problematic.  In some cases, countries would reject the inbound delivery of batteries and send them back to our warehouse.

As a result, the battery mounting configuration on newer model Optimus gimbals has been redesigned to utilize a non-proprietary, and more universal battery type that is easily obtainable by customers.  In this case, the BP-U30 - a very commonly used battery in the videography and filmmaking world - is what is now used to power CAME-Optimus gimbals purchased after Fall 2017.

The BP-U30 is available for purchase on our website and can be shipped from our China, European, or US -based warehouses.  But they can commonly be found in most camera/electronics stores & websites such as B&H, Adorama, Amazon, among many others.

New/Current CAME-Optimus using BP-U30 battery


1.  Are the DC18 batteries still available for purchase?
- Due to high demand, the DC18 batteries are currently out of stock (as of this writing).  But we are expected to be re-stocked sometime between May-June 2018. Click here to sign up for the waiting list to be notified once the DC18 Optimus batteries become available.

2. Are there any adapter plates so that BP-U30 batteries can be used on my early model CAME-Optimus gimbal (that normally use DC18 batteries)?
- Unfortunately, there is no adapter plate available that will allow your Optimus to be powered by any other battery than the one that your gimbal has been originally designed to use. So if your Optimus was designed to be powered by a DC18 battery, then there is no adapter/accessory available that can let it be powered by any other battery.