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BTS pic of @eriknaso filming on the beach with the #cametv #mini2 #gimbal! #CameGimbal #CameMini2 #Sony #a7rii
Going Hollywood on the beach with gimbal and bounce board. #videoproduction #dırectorofphotography #bts #setlife #lighting #a7rii #cametv #gimbal #filmmaker #Regrann via Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BGxvQ6Oh1v8/

Just under the max payload! @diiviinemedia's #cametv #mini2 #gimbal setup with his #Nikon #D3200! - Little toys 😎✌🏻️ #diiviinemedia #cametv #gimbal #film #letsshoot #videography #nikon #Regrann via Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BGpnWI6h1qY/

@diiviinemedia giving his #cametv #mini2 #gimbal a break from shooting! #CameGimbal #CameMini2 ••• Video dropping soon. 🕰🎥#diiviinemedia #Regrann via Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BGfHBhMB1nc/

via Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BF7cBbSh1lb/

@kristoffer_davidsson taking a little break from filming a running competition with his #cametv #mini2 #gimbal and #Sony #a6300! #CameGimbal
Another day, another running comp. Todays comp is without stairs, yeaaj! #vårruset #lindtchocolate #lindth #lindor #knutkommunikation #filming #filmingday #event #a6300 #sony #sonynordic #camemini2 #cametv via Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BF4YCvBh1g7/

@pjfonline's #cametv #mini2 #gimbal setup with his #panasonic #gh4, #lumix 14-42mm lens and two #Gopro #hero4's! ・・・
#cametv #cametvmini2 #panasonic #gh4 #gopro #hero4black #stereo #gear #4k #ww2 #reenactment via Instagram http://ift.tt/1Vyx29c

A few customers have reported that their recently purchased Mini-3 gimbal did not have an instructional manual that came with it. For those who are in need of it, you can find an online version of the manual available for viewing & download here.

Also, below is a video by YouTube reviewer MrCheesycam who does a very thorough overview of the Mini-3.

@maxsyder shooting a promo video with his #cametv #mini #gimbal and #OlympusOMD with an #Olympus 12-50mm lens!
Getting shots to make an example of a promotional video. #filming #filmmaking #olympus #gimbal #subaru #wrx #sti #brz via Instagram http://ift.tt/1oZhXyX

Our Latest Featured Customer Video Is with Sean J. Vincent,  who Uses The CAME-TV Mini 2 Gimbal to shoot this promotional video for The Project 7 Tactical Gear.

Tell us a little about yourself and the videos you create.

I moved from being a producer and engineer in the music business to being a director about 8 years ago. I’ve directed features, music videos and commercials and i write for Digital FilmMaker magazine in the UK as well as my own blog www.seanjvincent.com

How did you decide on choosing our CAME-TV Mini 2?

I was looking for a small and light gimbal to use with a GH4 for a Sci-Fi series called ‘Paradox’ i shot at the end of last summer. The Mini2 was the best of the ones i tried.

Do you use the CAME-TV Mini 2 often?

I use it on almost every job i do now. It’s so easy to use and i love how light it is.

What is your typical camera setup when using our CAME-TV Mini 2?

I use it with either a GH4 or A7S and always with my Atomos Shogun mounted on the top. I have modified my Mini2 by adding a much bigger top handle and a suspended microphone mount as well as an articulated monitor mount for my Shogun.

What kind of style do you typically try to aim for when shooting videos?

It depends on the project. I always like to bring a cinematic style to everything i do.

Would you recommend the CAME-TV Mini 2 to other videographers/shooters?

I would definitely recommend the Mini2. It’s so quick and easy to set up. I love the tool-less design.

How often do you go out and shoot videos?

Several times a week i’m shooting something. If it’s not an actual project i’m working on, i’ll be out shooting tests of some kind.

What do you like best about the CAME-TV Mini 2?

It’s easy to use, very light and i don’t need to carry any tools to use it.

Where does your inspiration to shoot videos come from?

Again, it depends on the project. For the ‘Mission 7’ project, i wanted to bring a cinematic action movie style to what is usually a more corporate type of project.

What is your favorite type of shot you like to achieve?

Flowing gimbal shots are always very satisfying to use….but i love any kind of shot that serves the story i am trying to tell.

Is there anything else you would like to share about your CAME-TV Mini 2?

The batteries last ages and i carry a spare set with me all the time. It’s really easy to shoot all day with it… and that’s not easy on most gimbals.

I want to try some CameTV LED lights next!

Currently, the CAME-Mini 2 is out of stock but make sure you click the image below to see all of our "Mini" gimbal products! Also, sign up for our newsletter to receive updates and information on any new products we release.

CAME-TV Mini 2 3-axis gimbal

@maxsyder has been shooting non-stop with his #cametv #mini #gimbal and #olympusomd! Glad you're putting the Mini to good use! ・・・
Out again filming. #film #filmmaking #gimbal #subaru #cametv #legacy via Instagram http://ift.tt/1R9G3nT

@maxsyder doing some filming with his #cametv #mini #gimbal and #olympusomd camera with a #olympus17mm lens! via Instagram http://ift.tt/1QwK7My

Just going to put this out there right now... DO NOT UPGRADE YOUR FIRMWARE, no matter what the SimpleBGC GUI screen tells you. Doing so will completely wipe out your board and can potentially cause irreversible malfunction to your gimbal. And even worse, this course of events runs you the risk of voiding your warranty.

If you are attempting to connect to the SimpleBGC software for the first time, and you receive a pop-up message telling you that you should upgrade your firmware because of a "board vs. GUI mismatch" (as seen below), then it's best that you simply use a different version of the software, rather than upgrade your firmware. When this happens, simply disconnect and then quit out of the current SimpleBGC that you are using and then download the software version that is closest to the firmware version that the pop-up message is recommending.


So in the case shown above, we connected our gimbal to SimpleBGC GUI version 2.43 b9. However, the gimbal's internal control board has been programmed with a software version using firmware 2.50 b2, which is obviously higher than the GUI software that we are attempting to use (v2.43 b9). So as stated earlier, disconnect & quit out of the 2.43 b9 software, and then download and launch the version of the SimpleBGC GUI that is closest in number to the recommended firmware, which in this case would be 2.50 b3.


You should be able to connect successfully this time around with your settings completely intact.

More SimpleBGC tips can be found here.

@nailtimvideo posted this pic of his new #cametv #mini #gimbal setup with his #sony #rx10! ・・・
Going to try a completely another way of filming experience with @cametv gimbal and #sonyrx10.
#camemini #3axisgimbal #cameraporn #32bit #sony #xavcs #fotorange #cametv #cametvmini
via Instagram http://ift.tt/1mh2UPD

Vimeo user, SkyKapture, uploaded this wonderfully shot video of his group trying out a new chairlift that opened up at the Kirchdorf Ski Resort in Tirol, Austria. He shot the entire video with just his Panasonic GH4 with a Lumix G 14-140mm zoom 1:3.5-5.6 and the CAME-Mini 2 gimbal, all while he was riding on a snowboard!

The CAME-Mini 2 is a 3-axis gimbal that is extremely compact and entirely tool-less. All the electronics and wiring are enclosed through the frame, so there are no hanging wires in the way while you use it. It takes four rechargeable 18650 batteries that are inserted into the horizontal cross bar of the Mini 2. The gimbal comes with a custom molded carrying case, making it easier to transport while on location for a shoot.

CAME-MINI 2 Camera Gimbal For A7S GH4 BMPCC

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CAME-MINI 2 Camera Gimbal For A7S GH4 BMPCC