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Brandon Lane, uploaded this test video that is mainly focused on how the Sony A7Sii Slog2 performs. In the video he decided to try it out by following his dogs with the CAME-Mini 2 gimbal.
The video is all in slo-mo using a Samyang 35mm Cine T1.5 and a Samyang 14mm T3.1 lens shot at 120fps. Brandon Lane, does state that he shot the whole video with the CAME-Mini 2 set to  mode 1(Follow Mode). The CAME-Mini 2 is a tool-less 3 axis gimbal that is designed for smaller bodied cameras like the Panasonic GH4, BMPCC and/or the Sony A7Sii cameras. All of the wiring and electronics are completely enclosed into the frame, offering a clean professional appearance and to also protect the wiring.

CAME-MINI 2 Camera Gimbal For A7S GH4 BMPCC

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CAME-MINI 2 Camera Gimbal For A7S GH4 BMPCC


This video by MrCheesycam should only be used as a reference for restoring your the default configuration found on the CAME-TV CAME-MINI2 Gimbal using firmware 2.43 b9.

While you can use the video as reference to copy the settings exactly, there are a few areas in which you DO NOT want to change on your system. This video will explain which options you should copy, and which settings you should NOT COPY.

Primarily you do not want to change your default Invert settings under Motor Configuration. If you believe you need to make changes to your Invert options, you can view our FAQ Article About Gimbal Motor Invert Options.

Do not change your default RC Trim Settings according to the settings in the video above. If you believe you need to make changes to your RC Trim Settings, you can view our FAQ Article about Gimbal RC Settings.

For additional information about the CAME-MINI2 Gimbal, We suggest visiting our blog article regarding How To Use Service Modes and Profiles with the CAME-MINI2 Gimbal by MrCheesycam found here.