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Our Crystal-V Video Wireless System MKII can be powered by either v-mount battery or with the updated adapter - an NP style battery! Giving you more versatility on how to power the transmitter while using this wireless  system while on shoots.

CAME-TV Crystal-V Wireless System

IOS, Android App monitor
500 meters distance (1640 ft)

1. Support HDMI in and SDI in. SDI loop out, USB 5V output.
2. V-mount or NP Style battery can be used. It can be mounted to the V-mount plate, power for both transmitter and camera


With the receiver having a built-in Sony monitor mount, you can directly attach the receiver to the back of your monitor and power both the monitor and receiver via a Sony NP style battery.

CAME-TV Crystal-V Wireless System

(BTS Pictures provided by SatoStudios)
CAME-TV Crystal-V Wireless System

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CAME-TV Crystal-V Wireless System

Reviewer Tom Antos does a great review of our 1080P Wireless HD Video System for DSLR video cameras. Tom gives an overview of the product as well as some examples of why a wireless video system would be useful during a project.

This wireless system supports full 1080p HD at 60Hz with very low latency. With simple plug and play, you don't need any extra software to use the equipment. The system can transmit up to 80m/260ft and works best in range line of sight.

Check out the link below for more information on the 1080P Wireless HD Video Transmission.