CAME-TV Kuminik8 Full Duplex Headset Review By David Zhou!


In the market for a communication system for you and your team? Check out this review on our popular full duplex headsets, the CAME-TV Kuminik8! This review was done by Youtube reviewer, David Zhou.
These Kuminik8 headsets come in both a single ear or dual-ear versions. If you typically work in loud environments like concerts, the dual-ear might be the best choice to block any outside noise, so you can clearly hear your team.

came-tv kuminik8 wireless headset

The Kuminik8's have a sturdy metal frame inside the headband, making it not only durable but flexible as well and use the popular (and easy to find) NB-6L style batteries!

Kuminik8 Headset

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CAMETV Kuminik8 Headset