CAME-TV Waero & Kuminik8 Frequently Asked Questions

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What models do you have?
Should I choose EU or US version?
What is the difference between Waero and Kuminik8 headsets?
Are Waero headsets compatible with Kuminik8 headsets?


How do the headsets work?
Do your wireless headsets work for a team of 15 people?
What type of batteries are supplied for the headsets?
How long does the battery last?
Can the 9 pcs kit be divided into 2 groups?

Usage environment:

How many kits of the wireless headsets can be used in one room at the same time? What about in an outdoor setting?
Can headsets be used at a live event such as a noisy concert?

Combination of headset options:

Can I add more headsets to my 2pcs/3pcs kits to combine into 4 pcs or 7pcs kit?
How can I build a 9pcs kit from a 4pcs kit?
Can 2pcs and 4pcs kits be combined into an 8pcs kit?

After Sales:

How can I know which group the headset is?
How can I clear the data of the Hub or master headset?
What can I do if group A can’t communicate with Group B?
What can I do if I want to add more headsets to my 4 pcs headset kits? Such as if i want to make a group of 9 based on 4 pcs kit?

What models do you have?
We have two series headsets - the Waero and Kuminik8 .

The Waero's feature a single ear pad and the KUMINIK8's are available in two styles - single ear & double ear pads.

Each headset is available in EU and US versions for the area of use.
Each type of the headsets are available in packages of 2/3/4/7/9-piece kits.

Should I choose the EU or US version?
The main difference between the US and EU versions are the frequencies. It's to ensure that the headsets do not interfere with the countries emergency and other important frequencies.
US for the US, while EU for EU countries. Other countries can use either version if it does not have the regulation on frequency use.

What is the difference between the Waero and Kuminik8 headsets?
Transmission Range:
Waero: 366 meters,1200ft (open space).
Kuminik8: 450meters,1500ft (open space).

Kuminik8 features waterproof IP63

The Kuminik8 headsets features a metal frame inside the headband which makes it stronger and more durable but also more flexible. This metal wire frame design offers more comfort for those looking for a larger size headset. The ear cushions on the Kuminik8 are also larger with a bit more extra padding compared to the Waero.

Are Waero headsets compatible with the Kuminik8 headsets?
Yes, all of our wireless communicator models can paired with each other for flexible use.

How do the headsets work?
The core of this communication system is the pairing of the master headset and the remote  headset:A Master headset can be paired with up to three Remote headsets and a remote headset can only be paired with a master headset.

*A master headset cannot be used as a remote headset.*

Communication system without hub:

One master headset can be paired with up to three remote headsets for a total of four headsets.

Communication system with a hub:

One master headset and a hub can pair with up to eight remote headsets for a total of nine headsets. The hub can also be converted into a communicator with 10 communication units by connecting 3.5mm headphone cables externally.

Can your wireless headsets work for a team of 15 people?
Yes, it can work for a team of 15 people by adding two hubs, but the communication quality and distance will suffer as the number of hubs increases.

What type of batteries are used for the headsets?
The batteries used are the common NB-6L batteries and normally can be easily purchased locally.

How long does the battery last?
Master headset 10 Hours.
Remote headset 13 Hours.

Can the 9 pcs kit be divided into 2 groups?
Yes. Press the remote unit button on the hub to disconnect the hub and master headset, then you can get 2 groups of headsets working separately. One group is the master headset with two connected remote headsets, the other group is the 6pcs headset connected to the hub.

How many kits of the wireless headsets can we use in one room at the same time? What about outdoor places?
When using indoors in a small space, it is recommended to not use more than 3 kits at the same time.
There is no limit to quantity for outdoor use.

Can the headsets be used at a live event such as a noisy concert?
Yes, and we recommend the Kuminik8 dual ear kit, which features dual earmuffs that can isolate the interference from the environment.

Can I add more headsets to my 2pcs/3pcs kit to combine it into a 4 pcs kit or 7pc kit?
Yes, you can purchase the corresponding version of the remote headsets and pair it with your master headset to combine it into a 4pcs kit.
If you require more than 4pcs headsets, a hub is required as well. After re-pairing, you can combine them to a 7pcs kit.

How can I build a 9pcs kit from a 4pcs kit?
You can purchase the corresponding version of the remote headsets and hub, and re-pair them into a 9pcs kit.

Can 2pcs/4pcs kits be combined into a 8pcs kit?
No, when combining over 4pcs headsets, a hub is required. If you add a hub, you can pair with one master headset and 6pcs remote headsets for a total of  7 headsets.

How can I know which group the headsets are in?
Each headset indicate one indicator light on the hub. If you take out the battery, there should be one indicator light that goes off.

How can I clear the data of the Hub or master headset?
Activate the pairing mode of the master headset or Hub. After, hearing the pairing tone in the headset, release the volume buttons and quickly press the middle button 7 times, wait 30 seconds, remove the battery, and re-install the battery to boot up.

Steps to clear HUB registration information:

  1. Press and hold the key first
  2. wait for the indicator light to flash slowly in blue, and then press it 7 times continuously.
  3. After a few seconds, you should see the indicator light flash quickly, indicating that the removal is successful.

Steps to clear the registration information of the remote and the master:  same as the HUB step, but the keys are replaced with "volume +" & "volume -" buttons.

What Can I do if group A can’t communicate with Group B

Step One:Short press middle button in Hub.

If the three headsets LED indicators of Group A are all solid and cannot communicate with group B, it may be because the function button in the middle of the HUB has blocked the connection. The solution is quite simple -- A short press of this button can restore both groups A&B communication.

Step two: Clear data's and repairing.

If the above operation(step one) does not solve the problem, the possible reason is that the master in group A had been paired with the third remote other than two, thus the pairing data of the master needs to be cleared and paired again. Proceed as follows:

  1. Remote preparation --- Take out the batteries of the two slaves with blue lights in Group A, and install the batteries in the master.
  2. Master preparation --- Press both volume buttons at the same time for 3-5 seconds, the host enters the pairing mode, the LED indicator will start to flash, after hearing the pairing tone in the headset, release the volume buttons and quickly press the middle button 7 times, wait for 30 seconds, remove the host battery, and re-install the battery to boot.
  3. The master enters the pairing mode, press and hold the middle button of the HUB until the indicator light flashes quickly, the host and hub enters the pairing mode, wait a few seconds, there will be a beep when the pairing is successful.
  4. Install the battery in the Remote 1 in Group A, enter the pairing mode, and pair with the master. After the pairing is successful, then Remote 2 repeats the above pairing operation.

Pairing six remotes in Group B with the HUB
Remote preparation --- Take out the batteries of the six remotes in Group B, install the battery in the HUB to start.
Pair the three remotes on the left

  1. Clear the data on the left hub --- Long press the left button on the HUB to enter the pairing mode, after the indicator light flashes quickly, press the left button 7 times continuously
  2. Long press the left button again to enter the pairing mode, take out one of the earphones, install the battery, press and hold the two volume keys at the same time after turning on the headphone to enter the pairing mode. Wait for about 5 seconds, there will be a sound prompt for successful pairing.
  3. Repeat step 2 for remote 2 and remote 3. After the three headphones are paired successfully, the three indicators on the left hub function key will light up at the same time. The pairing is successful.

If all 6 remote headsets have been paired but the left three headsets can not hear the master or the other three remote headset, you can try to short press the left function button on the hub to check if they are connected.

The three earphones on the right are paired in the same way as on the left.

After the pairing is complete, observe whether the indicators of the 9 headphones are solid, and observe whether the indicators on the hub are all on.
If the group cannot communicate at the same time, you can short press the function key on the hub to resume communication.

What can I do if I want to add more headsets to my 4 pcs headset kit? Such as if i want to make a group of 9 based on a 4pcs kit.

First, you need to buy one extra Hub and 5pcs remote headsets.
The pairing steps are below:

  1. Power on HUB and master A and another one or two remote Headsets from kit 4. (Important: make sure there is at least one remote headset(mark it as headset D) of kit 4 that is powered off and without the battery installed.)
  2. Long press the middle button on the HUB until the blue light flashes to enter the pairing state
  3. Long press the left and right volume buttons of the master A until the red light flashes. Wait for a while, if the indicator light turns to solid, it means that the pairing with the HUB is successful.
  4. Long press the left button on the HUB until the blue light flashes, waiting for pairing. Then D, E & F remotes are powered on in turn, and then press and hold the two volume keys on the left and right of the remote to pair with the host module on the left of the HUB (3 indicator lights are all on)
  5. Long press the right button on the HUB until the blue light flashes, waiting for pairing. Then the G, H, & I remotes are powered on in turn, and then press and hold the two volume keys on the left and right of the slave to pair with the master module on the right of the HUB (3 indicator lights are all on)

Here is the video.

One of the standout features in our new line of Q-Series Boltzen lights is the strobe effect. For steps on how to enable/disable the strobe feature, you can refer to the video below.

Most cameras are designed with its tripod mounting hole positioned perfectly center along the bottom/base of the camera body.  However, there are a few cameras that have been designed with the mounting hole off-center, making it difficult to balance onto most gimbals.  (See below)

tripod mount positions

However, one useful solution to this problem is to use a PU-150 Benro/Arca Swiss style QR plate as an extension adapter plate to add more flexibility to your balancing options.

Below you can see some samples provided by customer Ray Roscoe in using the extender plate along with his camera while balancing it onto the CAME-Optimus gimbal. (Click images to enlarge)

20180227_161403_resized . 20180227_161415_resized

20180227_161428_resized . 20180227_161441_resized

Notes from user Ray Roscoe:
1. Remove the center stop screw so the camera can slide just that bit further.
2. There are 2 small allen screw sin the plate, one needs to be removed tow enable the extension plate a little more movement.

If you've purchased one or more of our hugely popular Boltzen LED series of lights, you can now control it with your mobile device. Using the brand new CAME-TV Boltzen WiFi Controller in tandem with our our Boltzen LED mobile app, you can now control numerous features on either one or multiple Boltzen lights at the same time. These features include turning the light on & off, dimmming, color temperature (for Bi-Color lights), and even timer operations. And you can do this all without an external WiFi network. See the video below for step-by-step instructions.

As shown in the video above, you will need to scan customized QR codes in order to connect to more than one light. We'd suggest either bookmarking this article (on your mobile device), or printing out several versions of the QR code sheet below so that you can always have access to them.

QR CODES: Click image below or click here for printable version.


1. Download the Boltzen LED app for iOS devices here, and for Android Devices here.
2. Numerically label all of your Boltzen lights and WiFi dongles so you know which ones are to be paired together.
3. When starting, make sure ONLY light #1 is turned on and all other lights are powered off. You will successively turn on each additional light once you are ready to pair them. (Only after previous light has already been paired).
4. During the WiFi search process, if it does not connect successfully right away, click on the magnifying icon repeatedly until connection is successful.
5. If you have troubles connecting to the Boltzen dongle's WiFi, or with pairing with a device, try deleting the devices/WiFi network from within the app, and start the process again. You can even delete the Boltzen LED app and re-install so you can start from scratch.
6. Once you have the group setup​ via QR codes you should not have to scan them again. It's a one time setup​ process to pair the dongles, which is why we recommend that you label them. As long as the primary dongle has power, then the rest will sync after the one time QR scan.
7.  If you are still having troubles connecting to the WiFi even after following all of the instructions above, re-attempt the process and press/hold the Pair WiFi button for about 5 seconds after the dongle insertion into the USB port (following 3 red light appearance).  After releasing the Pair WiFi button, commence following the instructions as shown in the video.


Also available for purchase in our USA Warehouse.

If you're in the market for a used gimbal, particularly from a private, non-commercial seller (ex: eBay),  there are several tips/precautions we advise before deciding to make the purchase.

1.  Contact the seller and ask for detailed pictures of their actual gimbal, not a promotional photo.  If there are any physical flaws on the gimbal (ex; scratches), it is best that you are made aware before making the purchase.

2.  Ask the seller to provide you with a current video showing the gimbal's working status.  It is common for users to make DIY modifications to the gimbal's physical state, or even alter the control board's programming (ex: to make joystick speeds faster).  Ask the seller if they've ever modified the gimbal in any way, or if it is experiencing any functionality problems.

3.  Secondhand/used purchases are NOT covered by our standard warranty.

4.  If the used gimbal you are interested in is an older model and is no longer available on our website, then contact CAME-TV to make sure they still have parts available for that particular gimbal.

We have been made aware of some reports by customers who have noted that the battery on the CAME-Optimus may be loose, causing the gimbal to shut down while in use. We have looked into this matter, and have simply determined that most customers are not inserting the battery onto the gimbal correctly. Though upon initially inserting the battery into its corresponding mount will present an audible snap/click indicating that it's been properly inserted, an additional step of pushing the battery upward is necessary in order to fully tighten it and lock it in.


See how to properly install it by following the steps in the video below.

Many customers who have purchased our line of 55w & 30w Boltzen lights have inquired whether or not the power adapters used for these lights are identical and/or interchangeable. The answer to both is NO. The 30w Boltzens use a 3.33A/40W power adapter, while the 55w Boltzens use a 5.0A/60W adapter.


(Shown above: Power adapter for 30w Boltzen. Click here to see the 55w power adapter.)

If you own both sets of lights, please check the sticker on the power brick to make sure that you are using the proper adapter.


Yes, you can power our Boltzen series of lights with standard Sony L-Series NP-F batteries. However, since these batteries generally max out at 7V, the light's running time will be limited. And in turn, the brighter you set the light, the faster the battery will drain. If a portable power option is needed, then our top suggestion would be using a V-mount battery for optimum power to the light through the built-in D-Tap port.

However, if you'd rather go the Sony NP-F battery route, then we'd suggest looking into getting a V-Mount Battery Converter Plate that is capable of holding 2 Sony batteries. This will essentially double the batteries' output, and thus increase the running time of your light. YouTube reviewer MrCheesycam provides more insight in the video below.

CAME-TV also carries NP-F960 batteries that hold 7.4V, which allow for a longer runtime. US based customers can purchase them here. If you're located outside the US, you can find them here.

Thanks to trusted YouTube reviewer MrCheesycam for producing this video demonstrating how to balance our new CAME-Optimus gimbal.

Find more information on the CAME-Optimus here.

If you are not able to use PayPal or Western Union as a payment method, you are still able to check out of our website with your credit card information. Please follow the instructions below on how to do that.

Credit Card Checkout 1. After you have added all of the items you would like to purchase in the cart, just go through our checkout process as normal entering all your information. At the end you want to have "PayPal" selected then click "Complete Order".
Credit Card Checkout 2. A new window will pop up and if you do not have a PayPal account just select "Pay with Debit or Credit Card", no account required.
Credit Card Checkout 3. You will then be sent to a PayPal Guest Checkout page where you will enter in your credit card information and billing address.
Credit Card Checkout 4. At the end of the Guest Checkout page, you can either choose to create a PayPal account if you want one, or select "No, I don't want an account now", then click "Pay Now" to complete your order.

New owners of the CAME-Optimus who may have previously been familiar with it's top selling one-handed predecessor the CAME-Single may have noticed a small difference in how to power up their new device. With the Single, you would turn it on by holding down on the power button on the handle until it boots up. However, owners of the Optimus will come to learn that this is not the case with their new gimbal. To power up the Optimus, you simply need to do a 2-press sequence on the button that is found on the battery itself. Simply give it quick tap, and follow it up with a 2-3 second press & hold sequence until the gimbal turns on.

You can see both procedures performed below.

Owners of our CAME-Argo and Mini 3 might have noticed something different in each gimbal's battery configuration. We are now using a battery case that has 18650 LiPo batteries allowing you to remove them, charge them and immediately replace them with a backup set of fully charged 18650 LiPo batteries that you might have on standby. This allows you to keep cycling through numerous sets of batteries for an extended gimbal run time.

As with all LiPo batteries it is never good to over-discharge the battery. Over-discharge is when a battery cell voltage drops below the level of circuit protection limit. Once a LiPo battery is over-discharged, it is more than likely that it cannot be recharged and new one would have to be purchased.

We strongly recommend that when the gimbal is not in use or is in storage, to remove the 18650 LiPo batteries from the battery case. Failure to do so can result in over-discharge of the battery/batteries.

YouTube Reviewer MrCheesycam gives us a thorough breakdown of the updated battery packs in the video below:

We must first note that all CAME-TV gimbals are pre-programmed and quality-tested to function right out of the box. No additional software tuning or firmware upgrades should be necessary. However, if you would like to make minor tuning adjustments with the SimpleBGC software at your own accord- such as changing joystick speeds, decreasing motor power, etc. - we suggest that you first SAVE the gimbal's default, factory-programmed settings before making such changes.

Should something go wrong as you're making the changes, you can always revert back and load the original default profiles. And please note that the profiles that you save contain settings that are unique to your gimbal. Sharing these profiles with other gimbal owners is not advised and can make their gimbal inoperable.

And perhaps most importantly, under no circumstances do we advise upgrading your firmware. Doing so will wipe your settings and make your gimbal inoperable. The only way to potentially make it functional again would be to send it back to a CAME-TV support facility for repair (at your own cost if out of warranty).

[IMPORTANT NOTE:] Your saved Default Profile is configured to the default Firmware installed on your Gimbal. If you attempt to upgrade your firmware, the saved Default Profile will no longer be valid.

Printable instruction manuals for our most popular CAME-TV gimbals can be viewed and downloaded below:

CAME-Prophet Manual
CAME-Spry Manual
CAME-Prodigy Manual
CAME-Optimus Manual
CAME-Argo Manual
CAME-Mini 3 Manual
CAME-Single Manual