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CAME-TV 18650 8 pack batteries


CAMETV 18650 8 pack battery CAME-TV 18650 4 pack batteries


CAME-TV Crystal-V MK II Video


CAME-TV Amazon V-Mount Clamp

CAME-TV Mattebox 114 Cine Lens


CAMETV Mattebox 114 Cine Lens


CAME-TV Samsung Battery product video

Our CAME-TV Mini 99 Lightweight Battery has a capacity of 99Wh and pairs well with smaller cameras! The lightweight Mini 99 battery can be hung to light stands via the included lanyard, so you don't have to worry about where to place it during shoots. The Mini 99 features 2 D-Tap and 1 USB power outputs.

The D-Tap output can be used to power lights, monitors, recorders, or other accessories. The USB port gives you a convenient way to charge your smartphone or other USB items.

We now have the popular Samsung 18650 rechargable batteries that are used to power a variety of electronics and camera gear like certain 3-axis gimbals. An 18650 charger is also included when purchasing our 18650 batteries!

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CAME-TV Mini99 V-Mount Battery CAME-TV Samsung 18650 Batteries

MrCheesycam, uploaded this short overview video that goes over the recent changes to the batteries for our CAME-ARGO and Mini-3 Gimbals!

The CAME-Mini 3 has all the wiring and electronics completely enclosed into the frame, offering a clean professional appearance and protecting the wiring. For easy transportation & storage the side handles on the Mini-3 are completely removable.


The CAME-ARGO has encoders on all of the motors, which makes the ARGO's performance more smooth and accurate - along with increasing the lifespan of the battery. The entire top handle bar can be easily separated from the gimbal which than can be mounted to other devices like a crane, slider or drone with the included adapter plate.

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Mini3_thumb  elastix (4)


Owners of our CAME-Argo and Mini 3 might have noticed something different in each gimbal's battery configuration. We are now using a battery case that has 18650 LiPo batteries allowing you to remove them, charge them and immediately replace them with a backup set of fully charged 18650 LiPo batteries that you might have on standby. This allows you to keep cycling through numerous sets of batteries for an extended gimbal run time.

As with all LiPo batteries it is never good to over-discharge the battery. Over-discharge is when a battery cell voltage drops below the level of circuit protection limit. Once a LiPo battery is over-discharged, it is more than likely that it cannot be recharged and new one would have to be purchased.

We strongly recommend that when the gimbal is not in use or is in storage, to remove the 18650 LiPo batteries from the battery case. Failure to do so can result in over-discharge of the battery/batteries.

YouTube Reviewer MrCheesycam gives us a thorough breakdown of the updated battery packs in the video below:

Here's a quick informative video on how to check the voltage on your gimbal batteries!

If you happen to have a multi-tester laying around, it would be a good idea to check the batteries you have for your gimbal. You want to make sure your batteries are fully charged before testing the voltage.

Screen Shot 2015-10-30 at 11.10.29 AM

The 18650 batteries for the CAME-TV Mini/Mini 2 and the 16340 batteries for the CAME-ACTION gimbal should be reading at 3.7v or higher. The 3S Lipo Battery for the CAME-7800 and 8000 should be giving you a reading of 11v or higher.

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CAME-Mini 2 3-axis gimbalCAME-ACTION Gimbal For The GoProcame-7800 3-axis Gimbalcame-8000 3-axis Gimbal

Premini, recently uploaded his first CAME-Mini 2 Gimbal test on Vimeo! No post stabilization was added and he did a quick color grade. He filmed the whole thing with a BMPCC + a Kern Paillard Switar 10mm lens.

The CAME-Mini 2 is a tool-less 3-axis gimbal that is built to work with lightweight cameras.  All of the wiring is enclosed in the frame itself, making sure that the wiring doesn't get damaged while it's being used. The Mini 2 is completely powered by four 18650 rechargeable batteries that you insert into the gimbals horizontal cross bar.

CAME-Mini 2 3-Axis Gimbal

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CAME-Mini 2 3-Axis Gimbal