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Youtube channel, Lensvid, uploaded a review on our CAME-TV Mini V-Mounts - the 99C and 50C!
The Mini 99C and 50C V-Mounts are lightweight and compact, making it easy to pack and travel with. These batteries offer a 12V DC, USB-C (PD 2.0 & PD 3.0 Bidirectional), USB-A, and 8.4V DC to allow you to make powering and charging your devices more convenient!

CAME-TV Mini V-Mount Outputs

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CAME-TV Mini 99C V-Mount CAME-TV Mini 50C V-Mount


Our CAME-TV NB-6L Chargers are designed to work with both the KUMINIK8 and WAERO headsets! We offer two, four, and eight slot chargers, giving you the option to have plenty of NB-6L batteries on charger to minimize your down time and maximize your usage! In addition to working with our headsets, this charger is also compatible with a wide range of digital cameras that use NB-6L style batteries


CAME-TV NB-6 Octo Charger CAME-TV NB-6 Quad Charger CAME-TV NB-6 Dual Charger


CAME-TV Kuminik8 Review

CAMETV Kuminik8CAME-TV MINI 99 V-Mount CAME-TV Kuminik8

Here are some cool BTS photos of @infinitumstudiosau using our KUMINIK8 Headsets and Mini 99 V-Mounts on set with his team! #cametv #vmount #onset #filmmaking #cinematography #cinema #battery #cameraoperator #communication #headset #wireless #duplex

CAME-TV Mini99 V-Mount CAME-TV Mini99 V-Mount
Some BTS pics that @projectijo posted from a short film they worked on using our CAME-TV Mini99 V-Mount on their camera rig!

CAME-TV Mini 99 V-Mount
Our Mini 99 V-Mounts are small, compact, and are 99Wh, making it a breeze to travel with! ✈️ 📸:@dunbine76

CAME-TV Mini 99 V-Mount Sony FX6
Our Mini 99 V-Mount is compact, lightweight, and has two D-Tap and one USB output. Pictured is @tomxshaw’s Sony FX6 rig with our Mini 99!

CAME-TV Mini 99 V-Mount Battery
@freddy_vina powering up his rig with our Mini 99 V-Mount Battery on a recent video shoot!

came-tv mini 99 v-mount cametv mini 99 vmount
@andreasviker showing his recent Sony A7IV Rig with our CAME-TV Mini 99 V-Mount!

CAME-TV Mini 99 V-Mount Battery
Our CAME-TV Mini-99 V-Mount batteries are perfect for powering your camera rigs or lighting kits! They’re compact and easy to take with you from shoot to shoot!
📸: @andrewmurphyfilms

came-tv Mini 99 V-Mount Battery
@mr_red_bottoms posted his compact Sony A7C setup using our CAME-TV Mini99 V-Mount for power!

CAME-TV Mini 99 V-Mount Battery
@oboypro using our CAME-TV Mini 99 V-Mount Battery to power his CANON R5 camera rig setup!

@philipbloom posted this pic of him out filming with the #Kinefinity #Terra #4k and using our #Cametv #Vmount #Battery for power! #CametvVmount #Vmountbattery #Kinefinity4k #KinefinityTerra

@philipbloom out filming with the #Kinefinity #Terra4k & using our #Cametv #Vmount battery for power! #CametvVmount #Camevmount #Vmountbattery

BTS pic of @teel.tl using one of our #Cametv #Vmount #Batteries to power up his camera setup on a recent #MusicVideo shoot! #CametvVmount #VmountBattery

We have been made aware of some reports by customers who have noted that the battery on the CAME-Optimus may be loose, causing the gimbal to shut down while in use. We have looked into this matter, and have simply determined that most customers are not inserting the battery onto the gimbal correctly. Though upon initially inserting the battery into its corresponding mount will present an audible snap/click indicating that it's been properly inserted, an additional step of pushing the battery upward is necessary in order to fully tighten it and lock it in.


See how to properly install it by following the steps in the video below.