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came-tv Mini 99C V-Mount Battery
Here’s a BTS pic of our CAME-TV Mini 99C V-Mount being used on an interview shoot!

CAME-TV Kuminik8 Headsets
@kapwakollektive posted some BTS pics of our KUMINIK8 Headsets being used on set while filming some coverage for the @sfparollanternfest event!

CAME-TV Andromeda Tube Light

@austinjansma created this scene inspired by the film “The Batman” using the RED Komodo and one of our CAME-TV Andromeda Tube Lights!

Make sure to check out the MKII versions we currently have on sale!

Tube Lights: https://cametv.info/AndromedaLEDfb

Amazon Store: https://cametv.info/CtvAmazonStore

#cametv #lighting #andromeda #thebatman #red #komodo #reddigitalcinema #tubelight

CAMETV Boltzen 55w Fresnel Light
@videonagrania using a couple of our CAME-TV Boltzen 55w Fresnel Lights for a product shoot!

CAME-TV Tioga Light
@richardsanchezph filming an interview using one of our TIOGA series video lights!

CAME-TV Kuminik8 Headsets
@adlpro.live picked up a 4 Kit of our KUMINIK8 Headsets for a live stream event they filmed!
Get your KUMINIK8 Headsets now on Amazon!

CAME-TV Stabilizer CAME-TV Stabilizer CAME-TV Stabilizer CAME-TV Stabilizer
@edvalduneto shared some images of his CAME-TV Stabilizer setup paired with a RED Cinema Camera that he used on a recent shoot!
#cametv #stabilizer #cameraoperator #onset #filmmaking #cameraop #cinematography #red #redcinema

CAMETV Kuminik8CAME-TV MINI 99 V-Mount CAME-TV Kuminik8

Here are some cool BTS photos of @infinitumstudiosau using our KUMINIK8 Headsets and Mini 99 V-Mounts on set with his team! #cametv #vmount #onset #filmmaking #cinematography #cinema #battery #cameraoperator #communication #headset #wireless #duplex

CAMETV Kuminik8 Headsets
Here’s some pics of our CAME-TV Kuminik8 Headsets being used on a multi-cam production!

CAME-TV Mini99 V-Mount CAME-TV Mini99 V-Mount
Some BTS pics that @projectijo posted from a short film they worked on using our CAME-TV Mini99 V-Mount on their camera rig!

CAME-TV Portable Stabilizer And Vest
@ninjaofcameras filming out in the field using our CAME-TV Lightweight Portable Vest and Spring Arm!

CAME-TV Lightweight Portable Stabilizer Vest
@ninjaofcameras filming out in the field using our CAME-TV Lightweight Portable Vest and Spring Arm!

CAME-TV Mini 99 V-Mount Canon C70
@token_media using a two camera setup with one of the cameras using our CAME-TV Mini 99 V-Mount!

CAME-TV Accordion Camera Jib
@cinedistrict on set using our CAME-TV ACCORDION Jib on a recent production shoot!