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CAME-TV Mini 99 V-Mount
@tomxshaw posted his recent Sony FX6 setup using our CAME-TV Mini 99 V-Mount battery!

Youtube channel, Lensvid, uploaded this detailed review on our newly released CAME-TV Power Station paired with the popular Mini 99 V-Mount Batteries!

Our CAME-TV Power Station is the first ever Dual Channel cinema battery charger that doubles as a portable power station with a built in AC inverter. It can charge your V-Mount batteries and out in the field, the Power Station is a portable generator, offering a pure sine wave AC Inverter and multiple DC outputs.

CAME-TV Power Station

You can power a laptop, a live stream setup, charge drone batteries in the field, or other equipment up to 180 watt max output. If need be, you can hot swap to a fresh battery without having to power down your setup.

CTV Power Station

Our popular Mini 99 Lightweight Battery has a capacity of 99Wh and is perfect for use on smaller cameras along with applications that benefit from its small size. The Mini 99 features 2 D-Tap and 1 USB power outputs. The D-Tap output can be used to power lights, monitors, recorders, or other accessories and the USB port gives you a convenient way to charge your smartphone or other USB items.

CAME-TV Mini 99 Lightweight Battery Samsung 18650 with 2 D-TAP 1 USB 5V Outlets

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CTV Power Station CAMETV Mini 99 Battery


CAME-TV Mini 99 V-Mount
@adrepublika filming some interviews using our CAME-TV Mini 99 V-Mount batteries to power up his camera rig!

CAME-TV Cassiopeia Ring Light
@der_kraft using one of our CAME-TV Cassiopeia Ring Lights on a recent photo shoot!

CAME-TV Stabilizer And Vest
BTS pic of our CAME-TV Stabilizer & Vest in action by @e_fdz_m!

CAME-TV Softbox
Here’s another BTS pic of @alejandro.sun using one of our collapsible soft boxes!

CAME-TV Boltzen 55w LED Fresnel Light
@videonagrania putting our CAME-TV Boltzen 55w LED Fresnel Light to good use on a commercial shoot!

CAME-TV Stabilizer and Vest
Check out @aldricgonzalez using our CAME-TV Stabilizer paired with the Sony FX6 on a recent wedding shoot!

CAME-TV Andromeda Tube Light
@kingscollectivestudio throwing in a little bit of background color to this scene using one of our CAME-TV Andromeda Tube Lights positioned on the right side of the frame!

CAME-TV Stabilizer and Vest
BTS of @steadifried setting up a shot using our popular CAME-TV Stabilizer and Vest on a shoot!

CAME-TV Stabilizer With DJI Ronin Gimbal
BTS pic of @ltovar_filmmaker using our CAME-TV Stabilizer paired with the DJI Ronin Gimbal on set of a recent project!

CAME-TV Isolator Cradle


CAMETV Isolator Cradle


CAME-TV GS08 Stabilizer Video

CAME-TV Waero Wireless Headsets
Our CAME-TV Waero Headsets are perfect for communicating with your team on set as you’re filming! Here’s a BTS pic of the Waero’s being used by @dimasssinggih!
📷: @adeagustiian