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Take a look at some of these BTS pics of our CAME-TV Stabilizer in action!
📸: @carlosperezfilms
Info here: https://www.came-tv.com/collections/camera-stabilizer
#cametv #stabilizer #filmmaking #onset #film #filming #cinematography #steadicam

Youtube reviewers, Fenchel & Janisch, uploaded their impressions on our brand new CAME-TV NANO Wireless Intercom!

Youtube reviewer, Zephan Moses, recently gave his impressions on our popular Kuminik8 Wireless Headsets!

The CAME-TV KUMINIK8 Headsets pack up into the included hard case, making it extremely easy for you to take it from shoot to shoot! They have a range of roughly 1500ft (450 Meters) line of sight, and use the readily available NB-6L style batteries.

CAME-TV Kuminik8 Dual Ear Headset

These headsets come in both a single ear or dual-ear versions, so if you typically work in loud environments like concerts, the dual-ear versions might be the best choice to block any outside noise, so you can clearly hear your team!

Kuminik8 Headset

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CAME-TV Kuminik8 Dual Ear

CAMETV Kuminik8CAME-TV MINI 99 V-Mount CAME-TV Kuminik8

Here are some cool BTS photos of @infinitumstudiosau using our KUMINIK8 Headsets and Mini 99 V-Mounts on set with his team! #cametv #vmount #onset #filmmaking #cinematography #cinema #battery #cameraoperator #communication #headset #wireless #duplex

CAME-TV Production Cart
@framemotionfilms uploaded some of these awesome images of our Production Cart being used onset!

CAME-TV Stabilizer And Vest
Here’s some cool BTS pics of @zwimaging using our CAME-TV Stabilizer on set! Thanks for the support!

CAME-TV Andromeda Tube Light
@kingscollectivestudio throwing in a little bit of background color to this scene using one of our CAME-TV Andromeda Tube Lights positioned on the right side of the frame!

CAME-TV Stabilizer With DJI Ronin Gimbal
BTS pic of @ltovar_filmmaker using our CAME-TV Stabilizer paired with the DJI Ronin Gimbal on set of a recent project!

CAME-TV Stabilizer
A little bit of music video BTS of @brandojonesfilms using the CAME-TV Stabilizer on set!

CAME-TV Waero Wireless Headsets
Our CAME-TV Waero Headsets are perfect for communicating with your team on set as you’re filming! Here’s a BTS pic of the Waero’s being used by @dimasssinggih!
📷: @adeagustiian

CAME-TV Stabilizer
Check out some BTS set photos of @sebv_uf using our popular CAME-TV Stabilizer and Vest!

CAME-TV Stabilizer & Vest CAME-TV Stabilizer & Vest CAME-TV Stabilizer & Vest
BTS pics of @slprince_ using our CAME-TV Stabilizer and Vest on a recent film shoot!

CAME-TV Stabilizer And Vest
@chigozie.onyeaka using our CAME-TV Stabilizer & Vest on set for a recent shoot!

Youtube channel, RunPlayBack, recently uploaded this detailed review on our CAME-TV Waero Duplex Wireless Headsets!

Our Waero Wireless Headsets are powered via an NB-6L battery, making it easy to find online or at your local camera store if more batteries are needed. The headsets are compact with a foldable design and a special quick mute function.

CAME-TV Waero Duplex Wireless Headset

The quick mute function works by lifting up the mic to mute and bringing it back down to resume talking. This headset comes conveniently packed in a hard case and is ready to be used on your next project!

CAME-TV Waero Duplex Wireless Headset

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CAME-TV Waero Wireless Headset

BTS pic of @hanialmaaz focusing on getting the shot with his #35mm #camera setup & our #cametv #steadicam! #CameSteadicam #procarbonsnap
#uae #filming #raw #capuae #camera #broadcast #tv #uae #myabudhabi #mydubai #simplyabudhabi #cinema #35mm #shooting #Regrann via Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/BHx0bv4Bv5o/