CAME-TV Kuminik8 Headset Review By Ryland Russell


Ryland Russell,  recently uploaded a video titled "Best Budget Comm System", which features our CAME-TV Kuminik8 Full Duplex Headsets!  Make sure to watch it below!

The Kuminik8 Headsets are a full duplex communication system that allows you to talk to your team while on film shoots. You can pick from either the dual-ear or the single-ear versions and with a distance of up to 1,500ft, these are great for sports, film production, tours, race events, and more!

CAME-TV Kuminik8 headset review ryland russell (photo from review video)

The compact foldable design packs up small into the included hard carrying case, and the easy mute function allows you to quickly enable it by lifting the microphone up. The headsets also feature a large and comfortable ear cushion which makes it comfortable to wear for a long period of time!

CAME-TV Kuminik8 headset review ryland russell (photo from review video)

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CAMETV Kuminik8 Headset