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Youtube channel, Lensvid, uploaded a review on our CAME-TV Mini V-Mounts - the 99C and 50C!
The Mini 99C and 50C V-Mounts are lightweight and compact, making it easy to pack and travel with. These batteries offer a 12V DC, USB-C (PD 2.0 & PD 3.0 Bidirectional), USB-A, and 8.4V DC to allow you to make powering and charging your devices more convenient!

CAME-TV Mini V-Mount Outputs

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CAME-TV Mini 99C V-Mount CAME-TV Mini 50C V-Mount

Youtube channel, Lensvid, recently uploaded their review on our new GS16 Gimbal Support Vest

The CAME-TV GS16 Vest is flexible, comfortable, safe and convenient, making it easy to use and adjust onset. The design reduces pressure on the shoulders, redirecting the load to the waist and legs.

Material: Aluminum Alloy and Plastic
Load Weight: 6.6-39.6lbs (3-18kg)
Net Weight: 8.73lbs (3.96kg)
Gross Weight: 11.77lbs (5.34kg)
CTV GS16 Gimbal Support Vest

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CAMETV GS16 Gimbal Support Vest