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CAME-TV Mini 99 V-Mount With Sony FX6
Check out these cool pics of our Mini 99 V-Mount being used with @reachoutproductions’ Sony FX6!

came-tv mini 99 v-mount with sony fx6
@navon_cinematics posted some pics of our MINI 99 V-Mount Battery with his Sony FX6!

CAME-TV Mini 99 V-Mount On Arri Amira
@moneme_shohei showing a recent Arri Amira rig setup he used with our Mini 99 V-Mount to supply some power!

CAME-TV Mini 99 V-Mount FujiFilm X-T3
@adrepublika’s compact Fujifilm X-T3 camera rig setup paired with our CAME-TV Mini 99 V-Mount!

CAME-TV Mini 99 V-Mount Sony FX6
Our Mini 99 V-Mount is compact, lightweight, and has two D-Tap and one USB output. Pictured is @tomxshaw’s Sony FX6 rig with our Mini 99!

CAME-TV Mini 99 V-Mount Battery
@logicalways using two of our CAME-TV mini 99 V-Mounts to power up his Sony Rig! Our mini 99’s are lightweight and compact, perfect for traveling from shoot to shoot!

CAME-TV Mini 99 V-Mount Battery
Our CAME-TV Mini99 V-Mount batteries are perfect for powering up your camera or accessories for your rig! Check out @fumitakayamashita’s BMPCC 6k Pro setup!