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CAME-TV Power Base Supply With D-Tap For DJI RoninOur new CAME-TV Power Base Supply works with the popular DJI Ronin RS2, RS3 & RS3 Pro Gimbals and accepts the use for Sony NP-F550, NP-F750 & NP-F970 batteries. If you don't want to use Sony style batteries with the Power Supply, you can also power it via D-Tap!


CAMETV Power Base Supply With D-Tap For DJI Ronin


Yes, you can power our Boltzen series of lights with standard Sony L-Series NP-F batteries. However, since these batteries generally max out at 7V, the light's running time will be limited. And in turn, the brighter you set the light, the faster the battery will drain. If a portable power option is needed, then our top suggestion would be using a V-mount battery for optimum power to the light through the built-in D-Tap port.

However, if you'd rather go the Sony NP-F battery route, then we'd suggest looking into getting a V-Mount Battery Converter Plate that is capable of holding 2 Sony batteries. This will essentially double the batteries' output, and thus increase the running time of your light. YouTube reviewer MrCheesycam provides more insight in the video below.

CAME-TV also carries NP-F960 batteries that hold 7.4V, which allow for a longer runtime. US based customers can purchase them here. If you're located outside the US, you can find them here.