CAME-TV 7800 Gimbal & CAME-Single Used To Film The “International Women’s Tennis Tournament” By Gilles Havet


Vimeo user, Gilles Havet uploaded this short video that follows some of the tennis players that were competing at the "International Women's Tournament" in Belgium. Some of the scenes in the video were shot with the CAME-7800 gimbal & CAME-Single! The cameras used were the Panasonic GH4 and Sony a6300.
The Single gimbal is designed to be operated with just one hand. The encoders on the CAME-Single: prevent the motors from losing sync/skipping steps, provides important information about the frame and also decreases the power consumption - increasing the battery life.

CAME-TV Single Gimbal

Although, the CAME-7800 gimbal is currently unavailable - we advise you to check out our new CAME-ARGO 3-axis gimbal. The CAME-ARGO features a 32 bit Alexmos Board and is completely tool-less, making balancing your camera setup easy and quick. The max payload that the ARGO can handle is about 6.6lbs , which is the same max payload as the 7800 gimbal.


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CAME-TV Single Gimbal   CAME-TV ARGO Gimbal