CAME-TV 7800 Used To Film A Promo Video For The “Bassline Festival” By Kyle SHOX Brown FILMS


Kyle SHOX Brown FILMS, posted this promo video of the Bassline Festival that took place in Manchester. He used a Sony A7s with a Canon 35mm F2 and a Zeiss 24-70mm F4 lens - all balanced on the CAME-7800 for the video.

The CAME-7800 is a 3-axis gimbal that is able to hold setups that weigh up to 6.5 lbs, making it perfect for shooters who want to use their DSLR/Mirror-less cameras with a slightly heavier lens. Right out of the box, the CAME-7800 has multiple operating modes that give the shooter different options while shooting a scene. You can disable the follow mode on the pan/tilt, enable the follow mode on the pan/tilt or a "commixture" mode, which allows you to enable the pan but disable the tilt. All the modes can easily be cycled through by pressing the joystick down.

CAME-7800 3 Axis Camera Gimbal

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CAME-7800 3 Axis Camera Gimbal