CAME-TV Andromeda RGBDT LED Tube Lights Used In Project “Bad Idea” Video With Matt Cain By SatoStudioCorporate


SatoStudioCorporate, worked on a video with former San Francisco Giants pitcher, Matt Cain, about his Ford F1 truck.

In partnership with Ford Performance, this video was put together as an introduction into the build process of Matt Cain's 1951 Ford F1, which they named Project "Bad Idea". For the lighting setup of the video, they decided to go with our popular Andromeda Tube Lights to add some color to the background, using blues, greens and some splashes of red.

CAME-TV Adromeda Tube Lights Matt Cain Interview CAME-TV Andromeda Tube Light Interview

Whether it's an interview or a narrative scene for a film, our Andromeda Tube Lights give you the ability to easily set your scenes apart and make some cool creative choices to project a certain mood or feel.

CAME-TV Andromeda Tube Lights RGB Interview
CAME-TV Andromeda Tube Lights RGB Interview

Available in 1ft, 2ft, 3ft and 4ft and in Daylight, Bi-Color or RGBDT versions. The CAME-TV Andromeda Tube Lights power off Sony batteries, D-Tap, or wall adapter and features removable barn doors!

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CAME-TV Andromeda Slim Tube Light