CAME-TV Mini-99 V-Mount Battery Used In ” The Perfect Camera Rig!” Video By DSLR Video Shooter


Youtube channel, DSLR Video Shooter, uploaded a detailed video on his current Sony A7SIII camera rig. He uses a bunch of camera accessories to build up this rig including one of our popular CAME-TV Mini-99 V-Mount Battery! Check out the video below to see his compact Sony rig.

The Mini 99 is perfect for smaller cameras, along with applications that benefit from its small size. The 6.8Ah capacity and 14.4V output is sufficient to power most professional cameras!

The Mini-99 features 2 D-Tap and 1 USB power outputs. The D-Tap outputs can be used to power lights, monitors, recorders and the USB port gives you a convenient way to charge your smartphone or any other USB items.

CAME-TV Mini-99 V-Mount Battery

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CAME-TV Mini-99 V-Mount