CAME-TV Perseus Bi-Color 55W SMD Soft Travel Lights Review By!


Matthew Allard, from, posted this detailed article review on our newly announced CAME-TV Perseus 55w Bi-Color Travel Lights! Read the full article here.

CAME-TV Bi-Color Perseus Travel Lights

Our Perseus Bi-Color 55W Travel Lights feature a unique yoke, allowing the lights to fold flat, making them stackable.

The CAME-TV Boltzen Perseus Bi-Color 55W SMD Soft Travel Lights are a solid offering. They are compact, lightweight, color-accurate and they have a decent output.

came-tv perseus bi-color travel lights

Some of our Bi-Color Travel Light kits include a foam pack that fits into the popular Pelican 1510 and 1535 hard cases, perfect for traveling and going from shoot to shoot!

newsshooter CAME-TV perseus bicolor travel light

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CAME-TV P1800 travel Lights