CAME-TV Single Gimbal Used For A Short Traveling Video By Slashcam


Youtube user, Slashcam uploaded this quick video of his road trip to Las Vegas. All the shots were filmed while the car was moving with the CAME-Single and Panasonic GH4 plus a Lumix 12-35mm lens.

Slashcam, states in the video that no post-stabilization was used and that he had to use a Fader ND filter. The CAME-Single works as a great portable 3-axis gimbal that can easily be balanced and carried around. The Dual Gimbal Handles that now come with the Single, provide gimbal operators smooth camera panning and tilt motions. The tool-less adjustment of the handles provide easy configuration and can even act as a stand when the handles are positioned right angled to the cross bar.
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CAME-TV Single 3-Axis Gimbal