CAME-TV Single Used In New Sony A6300 Review By Cinema5D


Johnnie Behiri, from, uploaded this detailed article on the new Sony A6300 camera. Along with a well written article, Johnnie Behiri, posted a test video in which he used the CAME-Single with the Sony A6300 and a Sony 16-35mm F/4 lens.

Although, brushless motors with encoders have been available for a little bit now, the software used to control gimbals have recently added support for encoders. The CAME-Single is one of the first commercially available 3-Axis 32 bit basecam controlled gimbals to offer brushless motors with encoders. It can hold camera setups up to  2.6 lbs, which is perfect for mirror-less cameras like the Panasonic GH4, BMPCC and the Sony A7S series cameras.

CAME-TV Single 3-Axis Gimbal

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CAME-TV Single 3-Axis Gimbal