CAME-TV Single Used In Sony a6300 Autofocus Test By


Dan Chung, from posted this test video and article about his experience with the autofocus feature of the Sony a6300. For the video, he filmed a dance group using the a6300 paired with the CAME-TV Single gimbal.

The CAME-Single is a 3-axis gimbal that is designed to be used with just one hand. The encoders that are built onto the brushless motors make the gimbal more stable and precise while you shoot. On one charge, the CAME-Single can last roughly 20 hours because of the updated internal rechargable battery. The Single has a max payload of about 2.6 lbs, which is perfect for smaller/lightweight camera setups.

Sony a6300 with CAME-TV Single Gimbal
(Dan Chung with the CAME-Single and Sony a6300)

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CAME-Single 3-Axis Gimbal