CAME-TV Single Used To Shoot This Short Film Called “Facing Thailand” By Nuborn Pictures


Youtube user, Nuborn Pictures, uploaded this fascinating video that documents his trip to Thailand. He used a CAME-Single and his Sony A7Sii with two different lenses - a Walimex 24mm and a Walimex 50mm.

The CAME-Single is one of the first commercially available 3 Axis 32 bit basecam controlled gimbals to offer brushless motors with encoders. Encoders are often used in robotics for highly accurate monitoring of motor positions. The benefits of using encoders are to: prevent motors from losing synchronization/skipping steps, provides important information about the frame and camera angles, decreases power consumption ( for longer battery life), increases torque and precision of stabilization.CAME-Single 3-Axis GimbalFor more information on the CAME-Single gimbal click below! Make sure to also sign up for our newsletter to receive updates and information on any new products we release.

CAME-Single 3-axis Gimbal