CAME-TV HMI 1200W Light

In this in-depth review of our CAME-TV 1200W HMI Fresnel LightProjectNReSource, goes through his experience with the light and also the build quality and packaging. . Toward the end of the video he even shows some footage of a project he shot using the CAME-TV 1200W HMI light!

ProjectNReSource, gives great insight on his overall experiences on using the CAME-TV HMI 1200W light. The CAME-TV HMI Fresnel 1200W Light comes with the 1200W lamp head, a dimmable ballast, an aluminum case, barn doors and the power chord. The color temperature ranges from about 5600K to 6000K. Fresnel Light 1200W Electronic Ballast+Dimmable+ Free Case

He does give some good advice on what to expect when getting the light. When dealing with high end HMI lights, striking the lights quickly after it's been powered off can cause some issues. Like he said in the video, please allow a few minutes before re-striking to avoid any damage to the bulb - a "hot re-strike" can be a problem with any HMI light.

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HMI Fresnel Light 1200W Electronic Ballast+Dimmable+ Free Case