Cinema5D: Testing the New Sony A7sII using the CAME-Single


Johnnie Behiri from recently posted his first impressions and footage of the Sony A7s II. Johnnie Behiri is a BBC freelance cameraman/editor who also films documentaries, commercials, music videos and many other projects.

In the video above, Johnnie, states that he was trying to squeeze “normal footage”, “lowlight” and “slow-motion” parts into one video." In the moving shots Johnnie used our CAME-TV Single Handheld 3-axis gimbal, with the Sony A7sII and Sony 16-35mm lens, which he said was his preferred gimbal.

"CAME-TV CAME-Single is currently my preferred gimbal. Very easy to use and adjust."

We were honored to find out that he was using our CAME-Single gimbal while testing out the new Sony A7sII with great results.


In the article, Johnnie explains the main advantages of the Sony a7SII from the original a7s:

    • "Internal UHD 4K recording
    • S-log 3 (in addition to S-log 2)
    • Gamma Display Assistant (allows you to monitor your flat S-log 2 or 3 image in a more vivid Rec 709 way)
    • Internal IBIS stabilisation system (5-Axis SteadyShot)
    • A possibility to charge the camera via the USB port
    • A possibility to assign “REC” to other buttons than the awkwardly placed rec button
    • 100fps (PAL), 120fps (NTSC) in HD quality"

He also explains his most noticeable differences from comparing the Sony a7S II to the a7R II:

  • "The addition of S-log 3
  • Up to 120fps in full HD (compared to 60fps)
  • Gamma Display Assist
  • Sony’s a7S II is cleaner in low-light situations compared to the a7R II
  • Because of its higher pixel count, the Sony a7R II can shoot in APS-C S35 crop-mode in 4K. The a7S II can not do that. Further more, any APS-C lens that will be attached to this camera will have strong vignetting at the edges in 4K-mode (APS-C mode is limited to HD resolutions)."

For the full article, make sure to check out for Johnnie's full impression of the Sony A7s II or CLICK HERE

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CAME-TV CAME-Single 3-Axis Gimbal