Featured Customer Video: BluSkyFilms


From Blu Sky Films on Vimeo.

Tell us a little about yourself and the videos you create.

At Blu Sky Films, our real estate marketing videos turn browsers into buyers. We specialize in real estate video and social media marketing that helps our clients gain new listings and sell homes faster.

How did you decide on choosing our CAME-TV Optimus?
We have worked with all the major gimbals out and decided on the Optimus because it's the most versatile and best performing gimbal for our real estate video workflow. It's tough, dependable and you can easily set it down while working without using a stand which shaves hours off our shoots each week.

 Do you use the CAME-TV Optimus often?

We use the Came-TV Optimus on all our shoots, it's an indispensable tool in the Blu Sky Films video marketing workflow.

 What is your typical camera setup when using our CAME-TV Optimus?

Primarily, we use the Panasonic GH4 with the Panasonic 7-14mm lens on the Optimus.

 What kind of style do you typically try to aim for when shooting videos?

In terms of style, it's all about us helping our clients sell their product which is homes. We strive to tell the unique story of each real estate listing in a visually compelling manner designed to trigger an emotional response with the viewer that hopefully leads to a purchasing decision. 

How often do you go out and shoot videos?

We shoot between 4 to 8 real estate listing videos per week in California and the numbers are growing as we expand to new markets across North America.

 What do you like best about the CAME-TV Optimus?

Our favorite thing about the Optimus is it's reliability and predictability; it works great and delivers consistent results. It captures highly dynamic movement in our shots that have thrown off other Gimbals, it's an amazing product!

 Would you recommend the CAME-TV Optimus to other videographers?

We frequently recommend the Came-TV Optimus to other shooters on social media through our Instagram account, @bluSkyFilms. We also recommend that our shooters use it as well as we like our shots to match up and it's very dependable in the field.

 Where does your inspiration to shoot videos come from?

Our inspiration comes from seeing our realtor clients sell homes faster and the great feedback we get from both home buyers and sellers regarding Blu Sky Films video marketing products. Seeing our business and our clients businesses grow together is very inspiring.

 What is your favorite type of shot you like to achieve?

This is a tough question! We like the shots that our clients say, how did you do that and the ones our competitors email us about asking the same questions!

Is there anything else you would like to share about your CAME-TV Optimus? 

We'd like to say that Came-TV has been instrumental in Blu Sky Film's ability to deliver a best in category video marketing product time and time again. Came-TV products work well and work consistently which is crucial in our high volume workflow.