Introducing our brand new CAME-TV Q-55 Daylight LED Fresnel Light MKII!


The new Boltzen Q-55 Daylight LED Light has 40% more output than our previous 55 Watt light and now has 2 battery slots for Sony style NPF batteries! The Boltzen 55w High Output Fresnel Video Light can be powered via AC (with included power adapter), NP Series batteries or V-Mount batteries with the included V-Mount adapter cable - providing convenient use on set and on location.


came-tv boltzen q55 mkii

came-tv boltzen Q-55 MKII Daylight LED Fresnel Light

The Boltzen 55w MKII includes an adjustable Fresnel lens to help focus the light and provide a longer throw. When used without the lens, the light becomes a wider flood and the included barn doors help control the spill. This versatility allows you to go from a tight spot to a wide flood all in one continuous light!


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came-tv boltzen q55 mkii