NAB 2016 Interview: CAME-TV Prodigy 3-Axis Gimbal By

FacebooktwitterpinterestFacebooktwitterpinterest passed by our booth at NAB 2016 and did a few interviews on some of the new products we were showcasing at the convention. In this interview, we show him our brand new CAME-TV Prodigy 3-Axis Gimbal!

The CAME-Prodigy gimbal is the physically largest in our gimbal family. This is a replacement for the CAME-8000, which is a great platform for larger cameras and lenses. The new Prodigy is running the latest 32-bit Controller with encoder technology for enhanced stability and battery efficiency. The Prodigy is currently available for pre-order and we are expected to ship the first round of pre-orders around June 20th, 2016.

CAME-TV Prodigy 3-Axis Gimbal


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CAME-TV Prodigy 3-Axis Gimbal