NAB 2018 New Boltzen Andromeda LED Tube Light



We will be featuring our New Boltzen Andromeda LED Slim Tube Lights at NAB 2018 Las Vegas! Make sure to stop by our boot in the Central Hall #C12035 for more information on all our new products!

Andromeda Boltzen Tube

Our new lights will come in four different sizes: 1ft, 2ft, 3ft, and 4ft. They will also come in daylight, bi-color, or RGBDT. These slim portable lights, can be mounted together via a bracket and 1/4-20" screw holes on the back, or used separately providing lights at different angle. There will be removable barn doors available for each light to better control light spill having a wide spread or more direct light. For a more portable use, the lights can be powered from a Sony battery, D-Tap, or wall adapter.

Andromeda Panel Side Boltzen Andromeda Lights can be attached together and form an LED Light Panel
1/4-20" holes in the back to attach the LED Tubes together or used separately. Andromeda Back
Andromeda Barn Doors Removable barn doors to control the light spill
The lights can be powered from Sony batteries, D-Tap, or wall adapter. Andromeda Controller