NAB SHOW 2022: CAME-TV Andromeda Slim Tube Light MKII Interview With Cinema5D


During this years NAB Showcase in Las Vegas we were able to bring out the brand new MARK II versions of our CAME-TV Andromeda Tube Lights! This was the first year we showed these lights to the public and the feedback we received were overwhelmingly positive!

For a quick little rundown of these new lights, make sure to check out our interview with CineD below!

The Andromeda Mark II lighting kits offer a wide variety of colors in a small and practical form factor. Everything is built into the design with no exposed wiring - including battery power, wireless control, and manual controls.

There is currently no exact release date for the Andromeda MKII's but we expect it to be coming out fairly soon, so make sure to sign up for our CAME-TV newsletter to be kept up to date.

CAME-TV Andromeda MKII