“Never Broken” Music Video Shot With The CAME-Single By Tom Antos


Filmmaker, Tom Antos, recently used a Sony A7sii balanced on the CAME-Single gimbal to film this entire music video! The video follows singer, Anna Cyzon as she walks around the streets of New York. The CAME-Single is perfect for a project that requires a lot of tracking shots, especially if it takes place in crowded areas.

The CAME-Single is small enough to be carried around, but is also strong enough to handle a max payload of 2.6lbs. Tom Antos, also posted a quick making of the music video, which he uploaded the same time as the music video was released. It goes through the creative process and even shows why he decided to shoot the entire music video with the CAME-Single. Watch the making  below!

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CAME-Single 3 Axis Gimbal Camera 32bit Boards With Encoders