New CAME-TV Boltzen Perseus P1200R RGBDT 55W Travel Lights!


We're happy to announce our brand new CAME-TV Boltzen Perseus P-1200R RGBDT 55w Travel Lights! Our new travel lights feature a unique yoke design, allowing them to fold flat, making the panels easy to stack. The kits that includes a foam pack fit into a Pelican 1510 and/or the 1535 hard cases, making it easy for you to travel with!

The RGBDT LED lights have 2 groups of LED's - RGB and DT. For the color range of 2000K to 10000K the DT group of LED's will illuminate with a high CRI of 98. When choosing a color range below 3200K or above 5600K the RGB and DT groups of lights will illuminate with a CRI of approximately 94. By adding the DT group to the RGB LED we are able to maintain a high CRI throughout most of the output.

came-tv boltzen perseus travel lights

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came-tv perseus p-1200 travel light