CAME-TV Andromeda Slim Tube RGB LED Light Review By Film Riot


Youtube channel, Film Riot, recently uploaded a detailed review on our CAME-TV Andromeda Slim Tube Lights! Watch the video below!
The Andromeda Slim Tube Lights are available in 1ft, 2ft, 3ft and 4ft in Daylight, Bi-Color, or RGBDT versions. The Andromeda powers off Sony batteries, D-Tap, or the included wall adapter.

CAME-TV Andromda SLim Tube Light

For multiple Andromeda Lights, they can be attached together using a special mounting bracket. It also features removable barn doors and 1/4” threads on the backside for easy mounting.

CAME-TV Andromeda Kit

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CAME-TV Andromda SLim Tube Light