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NextWaveDV, recently uploaded a detailed review of our CAME-TV Cassiopeia Foldable LED Ring Light!
While traditional Ring Lights are bulky and difficult to pack, our CAME-TV Boltzen Cassiopeia Slim Folding Ring Lights are lightweight, compact, and easy to set up and break down. The Cassiopeia lights are great to take on-location and are easy to transport with the included carrying bag. They come in Daylight, Bi-Color, and RGBDT versions.

CAME-TV Cassiopeia Folding Ring Light

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CAME-TV Cassiopeia RGBDT Ring Light


CTV Boltzen Cassiopeia Ring Light

The Boltzen Cassiopeia Slim Folding Light creates an attractive catch light in the models eye, while emitting even diffused lighting that helps eliminate shadow creating beautiful visual results. Photographers and videographers absolutely love this easy-to-use multipurpose lighting tool as it offers more diffused lighting around the subject while reducing the appearance of harsh shadows. Compact and easy to set up and break down, they are great to take on-location. Easy to carry and transport while folded in the included carrying bag. Cost effective enough to own, distinctive and versatile to use, the Cassiopeia is a lighting tool that every photographer and videographer should have.


Cassiopeia RGBDT Ring Light VideoCassiopeia RGBDT Light


Cassiopeia BiColor Ring Light VideoCassiopeia BiColor Ring Light


Cassiopeia Daylight Ring Light
CAME-TV Cassiopeia Daylight Ring Light