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Youtube user, Ed Rakel, posted this quick video of him using his new CAME-Single Gimbal with a Panasonic GH-4 + Olympus 12 mm f2.0.
The CAME-Single is designed around the idea of being able to operate a gimbal with just one hand. It's 3-axis with a 32-bit board and the brushless motors have encoders, making it the first basecam controlled gimbal on the market with encoders. The max payload the CAME-Single can handle is 2.6lbs and is designed for smaller cameras like the Sony A7s, Panasonic GH4 or the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

CAME-Single 3-axis Gimbal
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CAME-Single 3-Axis Gimbal


Youtube user, SWAF Jarrad, posted some quick test footage from his CAME-Single 3-Axis gimbal. In the video, he does mention that he had some trouble in the beginning, but once he changed the lens on his camera, everything was a lot smoother. His setup in the video was a Panasonic GH-4 with a Panasonic 14-140mm lens. Check out his footage below!

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CAME-TV Single 3-Axis Gimbal


The CAME-TV GH-4 Cage is designed specifically for the Panasonic GH-4 and provides easy access to the battery and SD card without actually removing the camera from the cage. The baseplate that comes with the CAME-TV GH-4 Cage has 15mm rod holes that allow you to attach industry standard 15mm rods for accessories like a follow focus.

CAME-TV Panasonic GH-4 Cage(Geekynerddad's GH-4 setup with the CAME-TV GH-4 Cage +Wooden Handles)

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CAME-TV Cage For Panasonic GH-4


Philipp Reinhard, posted this quick video of him trying out his new CAME-Mini 2 gimbal for the first time! He filmed it with the Panasonic GH4 + a Panasonic 14mm Pancake lens.

CAME-Mini 2 3-Axis GimbalClick below for more information on the CAME-Mini 2 gimbal.

CAME-Mini 2 3-Axis Gimbal