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Youtube user, Brandon Rice recently uploaded this short test video that was shot using the new CAME-Optimus gimbal! The camera he used in conjunction with the Optimus was the Panasonic GH4 with a Rokinon 12mm lens.
The CAME-Optimus has a brand new frame design that allows the gimbal to be operated completely inverted or underslung. All the motors on the Optimus rotate a full 360 degrees without limitation for greater range and flexibility during operation. The single handle can be changed to Dual Handles depending on the camera operator's requirement.  Brandon Rice, also uploaded a review video on the new Optimus that you should check out below!
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CAME-TV Optimus 3-Axis Gimbal

@steckvision's #cametv #single #gimbal setup with his #Panasonic #GH4 and #Olympus #12mm lens!
Taking the Single for a ride.
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Brandon Rice Films, shared this wonderfully shot video called "Adrienne + Sean - A Love Story", which was filmed with the CAME-TV Mini 2 gimbal balanced for a Panasonic GH4 camera plus a Rokinon 12mm lens.

The CAME-Mini 2 is an extremely portable gimbal that has a max payload of about 2.6 lbs. It's perfect for lightweight micro four-thirds/mirror-less camera setups, just like the setup that Brandon Rice Films used for this video. The Mini 2 comes with a padded carrying case and a balance stand, which can also fit in the case when it is broken down. Balancing your camera setup on the Mini 2 is made easy because it's completely tool-less and any micro balancing adjustment to the frame can be done practically on the fly.

CAME-TV Mini 2 Gimbal

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CAME-TV Mini 2 Gimbal

Youtube user, Ed Rakel, posted this quick video of him using his new CAME-Single Gimbal with a Panasonic GH-4 + Olympus 12 mm f2.0.
The CAME-Single is designed around the idea of being able to operate a gimbal with just one hand. It's 3-axis with a 32-bit board and the brushless motors have encoders, making it the first basecam controlled gimbal on the market with encoders. The max payload the CAME-Single can handle is 2.6lbs and is designed for smaller cameras like the Sony A7s, Panasonic GH4 or the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.

CAME-Single 3-axis Gimbal
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CAME-Single 3-Axis Gimbal