CAME-TV Mini 2 Gimbal Used In A “Love Story” Video By Brandon Rice Films


Brandon Rice Films, shared this wonderfully shot video called "Adrienne + Sean - A Love Story", which was filmed with the CAME-TV Mini 2 gimbal balanced for a Panasonic GH4 camera plus a Rokinon 12mm lens.

The CAME-Mini 2 is an extremely portable gimbal that has a max payload of about 2.6 lbs. It's perfect for lightweight micro four-thirds/mirror-less camera setups, just like the setup that Brandon Rice Films used for this video. The Mini 2 comes with a padded carrying case and a balance stand, which can also fit in the case when it is broken down. Balancing your camera setup on the Mini 2 is made easy because it's completely tool-less and any micro balancing adjustment to the frame can be done practically on the fly.

CAME-TV Mini 2 Gimbal

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CAME-TV Mini 2 Gimbal