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Popular Youtuber, Tom Antos, recently uploaded this detailed cinematography tutorial using our CAME-TV Perseus RGBDT LED Lights! Check it out below!

The Perseus RGBDT lights have new technology were we add Daylight and Tungsten LED's to the RGB LED Light Panel. The RGB LED's can display Red, Green, Blue and can adjust to any color. When attempting to simulate Daylight or Tungsten, the CRI value drops. By adding both Daylight and Tungsten LED's to the RGB LED's we are able provide both 5600K (Daylight) and 3200K (Tungsten) while maintaining a high CRI. Combining both the RGB with Daylight and Tungsten we have created the name of RGBDT.

CAME-TV Perseus Led RGBDT Light Panel

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CAME-TV Perseus RGBDT Light Panel