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CAMETV BMPCC 4k 6k Camera Cage

@mohau_mann shared this pic of his BMPCC 6K rig using our CAME-TV Cage and Follow Focus!

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CAME-TV Perseus 75w BiColor Led Light Instagram @beradstudio

BTS pic of @beradstudio setting up one of our CAME-TV 75w Perseus Lights on a recent shoot!
Lighting is a huge part production and finding cost effective, durable and portable solutions can be tough. LED lights have unlocked so many new possibilities for us and this 75 Watt, soft, bi-color, LED panel from @cametv has become one of our favorite solutions for run-and-gun projects.⁠
With a 160 Watt V-Mount we get big output for over 2 hours. I think it might be time to pick up a second copy or possibly her bigger brother the 150 Watt.⁠
Do you have a favorite panel or travel light for interviews and location lighting?

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Youtube reviewer, Pav SZ, uploaded this detailed review on our popular CAME-TV Andromeda RGB Slim Tube Lights! He quickly goes through some of the specs and the app functionality. Check it out below!

The Andromeda Lights are available in 1ft, 2ft, 3ft and 4ft in Daylight, Bi-Color, or RGBDT versions. The Andromeda powers off Sony batteries, D-Tap, or wall adapter and can be attached together using special mounting brackets. It also features removable barn doors and 1/4-20" inch threads on the backside for easy mounting.

Came-tv Boltzen Andromeda Slim Tube Light

CAME-TV Andromeda RGB Tube Light

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CAME-TV Andromeda Slim Tube Light

CAME-TV Crystal-V Wireless Transmitter


CAME-TV Crystal-V


Crystal-V Video

Youtube user, The Monochrome Memoirs, recently uploaded this detailed video that goes through all his recent wedding photography gear. He talks about a ton of gear and amongst his gear is our CAME-TV Boltzen 55w LED Fresnel 3-Kit!

Click below to watch the full video or click here to watch the 55w Boltzen segment.

Our Boltzen 55w Fresnel Video Light can be powered from AC (with included power adapter), NP Series battery or V-Mount battery via the included V-Mount adapter cable providing convenient use on set and on location. The Boltzen 55w includes an adjustable Fresnel lens to help focus the light and provide a longer throw. When used without the lens, the light becomes a wider flood and the included barn doors help to control the spill.

CAME-TV Boltzen 55w Led Fresnel Light

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