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Youtube reviewer, INGAF, uploaded this detailed review video on our new CAME-TV Perseus P-1200 Travel Ready Lights!

Our P-1200 RGBDT 55W Travel Lights feature a unique yoke that allows them to fold flat, making the panels easy to stack and can fit in Pelican 1510 and 1535 hard cases.

CAME-TV P-1200 travel Lights

Our RGBDT lights use new technology were we add Daylight and Tungsten LED's to the RGB LED. The RGB LED can display Red, Green, Blue and can adjust to any color. By adding both Daylight and Tungsten LED's, we are able to provide both 5600K (Daylight) and 3200K (Tungsten) while maintaining a high CRI.

CAME-TV P-1200 travel RGBDT Lights

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CAME-TV P1200 travel Lights

CAME-TV Dual Spring Handles For Ronin RS2

@oboypro using our CAME-TV Dual Adjustment Spring Handles for his Ronin RS2 setup!

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CAME-TV Stabilizer Instagram

@enmanuelzabala18 checking the playback on set from a recent shoot using our CAME-TV Stabilizer!

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CAME-TV Sling Handle For Ronin RS2 : RSC2


CAMETV Sling Handle For Ronin RS2 : RSC2

CAME-TV 2-8kg DSLR Rig Camera Video Stabilizer

4-1/2 TO 17-1/2 LBS (2-8KG) PAYLOAD

CAMETV 2-8kg DSLR Rig Camera Video Stabilizer