A Few Of Our CAME-TV Boltzen Fresnel COB Lights Reviewed By Lensvid


Youtube channel, Lensvid, uploaded this detailed review on three of our Boltzen Fresnel COB Lights: the 150w Bi-Color, 100w and Q55W MKII.

Our CAME-TV Boltzen 55w MKII High Output video light has 40% more output than our previous 55 Watt light and gives you the option to use 2 Sony style NPF batteries! The built in cooling fan is designed to dissipate heat and is barely audible at a distance of 1m.  With the newly added "Frequency" setting, you can choose the frequency to select how fast/slow the strobing effect cycles, giving you some creative options on shoots.

CAME-TV Boltzen 55w LED Fresnel MK II Light

The Boltzen 100w LED Fresnel Light includes an adjustable fresnel lens to help focus or flood the light and when used without the lens itself, the light gives you a wider flood. This versatility allows you to go from a tight spot to a wide flood all in one continuous light!

CAME-TV Boltzen 100w Fresnel Light

Unlike the 100w, the more robust version of our Boltzen COB Lights, the Boltzen 150w, has a built-in fan to make sure the light doesn't get too hot while in use.

Some Key features below:

  • High CRI (Ra96)
  • There is 1 LED COB (Chip On Board)
  • Built in fan
  • An umbrella mount
  • Barndoors that can easily adjust the lighting direction
  • AC Power Adapter included
  • Dimming Knob can adjust the brightness according to users’ need.
  • LCD Display Screen
  • Optional Bowens-Mount provides an easy way to mount a softbox and any other studio accessories

CAME-TV Boltzen 150w Bi-Color Led Light

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CAME-TV Boltzen Q55w MKII LED Fresnel Light CAME-TV Boltzen Lights came-tv boltzen led fresnel light