CAME-TV Andromeda MKII Slim Tube Light Review By LensVid


Check out this review on our popular CAME-TV Andromeda MKII Tube Lights by Youtube channel, Lensvid!

Available in 2ft, 3ft and 4ft. - our CAME-TV Andromeda MKII's are powered with internal Samsung 18650 batteries, that can be charged via the included wall adapter or the optional D-Tap cable. The Controller is built in, reducing the footprint and providing for easy transport!

CAME-TV Andromeda MKII Tube Light

There are female 1/4"-20 threads at both ends of the light for mounting and when using a dual threaded adapter, multiple lights can be connected together for an unlimited length!

CAME-TV Andromeda MKII Tube Light

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Andromeda MKII Tube Lights