CAME-TV Andromeda MKII Slim Tube Lights Review By Featherlightstudio


Youtube channel, Featherlightstudio, used our CAME-TV Andromeda MKII Tube Lights on a recent music video shoot! In his video, Featherlightstudio's breaks down these lights and gives his impressions!
These lights are available to purchase in 2ft, 3ft and 4ft! The Andromeda MKII's are powered with internal Samsung 18650 batteries, that can be charged via the included wall adapter or the optional D-Tap cable (to charge via V-Mount).

CAME-TV Andromeda MKII Tube Light

The controller is now built into the light, getting rid of any cables that were tethered to the light itself. Magnets are attached to both sides of the Andromeda's, allowing you to place them on metal surfaces when you are onset.

came-tv andromeda mkii tube light Featherlightstudio

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Andromeda MKII Tube Lights