FacebooktwitterpinterestFacebooktwitterpinterest, posted a  detailed article about their experiences with the CAME-ACTION gimbal for the GoPro camera. Check out the sample footage they uploaded into the article below.

The article is separated into multiple parts that include: the features, in use and the overall verdict of the CAME-ACTION. The CAME-ACTION is designed for the Hero 3, 3+ and 4 GoPro models, along with some other action cameras that have a similar body type. It's completely tool-less, which make using it a breeze, especially when you are in a rush. The encoders make it extremely stable and increases the battery life of the CAME-ACTION when its in use because it allows the gimbal to run on less power.

CAME-Action Gimbal 3 Axis For Gopro 32 Bit Boards With Encoders


There are many solutions available that use a simple counterweight to stabilize the camera whilst you are moving it. However, for the sheer control that it is offered by the Came-Action 3-axis Gimbal it beats all of these device. -

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CAME-Action Gimbal 3 Axis For Gopro 32 Bit Boards With Encoders