CAME-Mini 2 Gimbal Used To Film Web series “Paradox”


Sean J Vincent, recently shared with us a teaser from a web series he worked on that used the CAME-Mini 2 gimbal! He shot it with a Panasonic GH4 and a G Vario 14-42mm lens.

Here's a short synopsis taken from the "Paradox" video description:

Shot at the end of the summer in Norfolk, this web series follows the adventures of a time traveller and the girl who rescues him... Why is he here? Where did the time machine come from? When is he from?
All will be revealed soon...

The web series was shot using a Panasonic GH4 and a Sony FS100. If you want a closer look of Sean J. Vincent's CAME-Mini 2 setup, check out this review on the Mini 2 he posted a few months ago while he was shooting "Paradox".

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CAME-MINI 2 Camera Gimbal For A7S GH4 BMPCC