CAME-Single Gimbal Test #2 By TG Film & Photo


TG Film & Photo, uploaded this test of him following his dog with the CAME-Single gimbal. He balanced his Sony A7SII with a Zeiss 16-35mm lens.
The CAME-Single is a one-handed basecam designed gimbal that utilizes encoder technology to increase the stability of the gimbal. The batteries are internal rechargeable batteries that can last up to 20 hours. The CAME-Single can hold camera setups that don't exceed 2.6 lbs, so its perfect for mirror-less cameras that are lightweight. In the first test video he uploaded, he was walking down a wobbly pontoon in the water to see if any of the bounce can be seen in the footage. Watch the video below! He also states that he didn't add any post-stabilization.

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CAME-Single gimbal