CAME-TV 1092 Ultra Slim LED Light Panel Review By Tom Antos


Tom Antos, posted this quick video review on our 1092 Ultra Slim LED Light Panel! The video goes over his overall impressions of the light panel and he even included some BTS footage of him using it on a recent shoot.

Our CAME-TV 1092 Ultra Slim Led Light Panels come in both a Daylight version and a Bi-Color version. The 1092 Ultra Slim LED Panel is the ideal mobile studio lighting solution for any photo, video, or film production.

Screen Shot 2016-07-22 at 8.19.47 AMAll of the CAME-TV Ultra Slim LED's undergo a stringent quality assurance process to ensure durability, illumination, and a perfect color balance for any lighting situation. Our line of Ultra Slim LED Light Panels are also available in a 2-piece set, 3-piece set and 4-piece set.

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CAME-TV Ultra Slim 1092 LED Light Panel