CAME-TV JX300B Dolly And Track Used In Unified Highway Music Video


BoomshotsTV, uploaded this music video for the song "My Space" by the band Unified Highway. The CAME-TV JX300B Dolly And Track was used setup for multiple shots, being uses as both a linear track and a curved one.

The CAME-TV Dolly and Track can be configured in a straight and/or a curved track, allowing you to assemble it in multiple ways for different types of shots. The Dolly and Track are extremely easy to assemble because of the magnetic locking system - making the Dolly and Track all tool-less.  A few weeks ago, Satostudiogear, uploaded some BTS footage of them using the CAME-TV Dolly and Track during the music video shoot. Check it out below.

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CAME-TV Dolly And Track Straight Rail And Curved Rail JX300B