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We were happy to have a sit down chat with Youtube channel, CineD about our newly announced Motorized Wireless Track Dolly! Check out the full interview below.

With our CAME-TV Wireless Motorized Track Dolly,  you're able to use any length of track and with the included remote you can adjust the speed, set A/B points, or control the dolly manually. You can power up the Motorized Dolly via one V-Mount battery and the wireless remote has a built-in 3.7V/1000mAh battery.

CAME-TV Motorized Track Dolly

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BoomshotsTV, uploaded this music video for the song "My Space" by the band Unified Highway. The CAME-TV JX300B Dolly And Track was used setup for multiple shots, being uses as both a linear track and a curved one.

The CAME-TV Dolly and Track can be configured in a straight and/or a curved track, allowing you to assemble it in multiple ways for different types of shots. The Dolly and Track are extremely easy to assemble because of the magnetic locking system - making the Dolly and Track all tool-less.  A few weeks ago, Satostudiogear, uploaded some BTS footage of them using the CAME-TV Dolly and Track during the music video shoot. Check it out below.

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CAME-TV Dolly And Track Straight Rail And Curved Rail JX300B


This dolly and track system can be configured in straight and/or curved runs. A key feature of the track is our magnetic locking system, completely tool less and allows for quick assembly and disassembly. Crafted out of aircraft grade aluminum the track tubing is durable and light weight. Preconfigured inner and outer arcs provide consistent and smooth transitions for the dolly assembly.

The folding spreader dolly incorporates 3 wheel assemblies that each have 4 smooth gliding wheels. Each wheel assembly pivots 360 degrees and the 4 wheel design provides maximum contact with the rail. Both the track and dolly compact into the included bags, providing easy transportation and handy storing.





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